Augusta Maria Carlson was born in Sweden and was baptized into the church at 22. She left Sweden in 1875 at age 25 and traveled on the ship Wyoming for 12 days to New York City. She checked into a hotel in New York while she was waiting for the train that would take her to Utah. While there an exciting thing happened that affected the rest of her life. This the story she told me.

“I was sitting by an open window with the sun shining in on me, when I heard someone whistle. I looked up and down the alley but could see no one. Then I heard the whistle again; and this time I looked across the alley into the window of another hotel, and there was a handsome young man smiling at me. He asked me if I would go for a walk with him in the park. I told him “yes”. That’s how I met your Grandpa.” Her eyes just sparkled when she told me, and I’m glad she shared that story with me.

She was impressed with this handsome young man. He had a neat, trim figure, blue eyes, and light brown hair. She was a beautiful young girl, slim and neat with blue eyes and light brown hair with a touch of red in it. They had a lot in common; they were both Swedish and members of the church, in a new country, and both of marriageable age.

Frans Gustave Janson was also converted in Sweden and traveled to NY and found a job there and lived there for a year. After meeting Augusta, the girl of his dreams, he quit his job and went west with her. They were married in Salt Lake City within 30 days of meeting each other in NY.

They are my great-great grandparents.
Ken George

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