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Finding Your Way to a Brighter Day

Depression can take many forms and every individual requires a special treatment plan. If you are suffering from depression, take the depression test to determine if TMS Therapy is right for you.

WHY choose TMS?

Non-Invasive Treatment

No electric Shocks (ECT), done in outpatient office, no systemic side effects, 20 min treatment, you can return to your regular activities immediately after

FDA Approved

The Future of Depression Treatment - gentle stimulation of the brain in a revolutionary way using magnetic fields.

Covered by insurance

Medicare and almost all major insurance plans cover TMS for treatment resistant depression (not significantly improved with meds or therapy)

Brighter Day Psychiatry and TMS Clinic Fort Collins
Brighter Day Psychiatry and TMS Clinic Fort Collins
Brighter Day Psychiatry and TMS Clinic Fort Collins
Brighter Day Psychiatry and TMS Clinic Fort Collins
Brighter Day Psychiatry and TMS Clinic Fort Collins

Does TMS Work?

After 30 treatment sessions:

75 %

Of patients experience a significant improvement.

50 %

Achieve full remission, meaning that symptoms went away completely.

TMS has been proven effective for many patients around the world, but it is important to acknowledge that encouraging results are not always permanent. With any treatment for emotional disorders, symptoms can reoccur. For most patients the treatment effects last over a year. When needed patients can return for subsequent treatments.

What Our Patients Say

"I have been on antidepressants since after having my first child in the late 80's They worked for me until 2014. Since then I have tried a myriad of different antidepressants. Over the past year I became suicidal. I was convinced the only treatment option I had left was ECT, which is not easily accessible from the Fort Collins area. I decided to try TMS even though I was skeptical. I chose Brighter Day Psychiatry because they offer "deep" TMS. TMS has saved my life; I never thought I would feel good again! Dr. Rose George is one of the best psychiatrists I ever met and her staff is excellent! I highly recommend them."
TMS Patient
"I highly recommend Dr. Rose George for any of your mental health needs. My first suggestion would be to review her website brighterdaytms.com. It is an excellent description of her experience, philosophy and her services to attain better mental health for her clients. Dr. George’s warm, accepting personality and her knowledge of mental health issues has helped me to focus on improving my depression and anxiety. She is an excellent listener and asks pertinent questions to help diagnose and devise a plan for my treatment. She has a wide range of modalities for treatment. I have experienced great improvement with BrainsWay dTMS treatment and medication management. We work as partners in every aspect of improving my mental health. Her treatment has brought me to more “brighter days” than I have had in years.​"
TMS Patient

Begin Your Transformation

To schedule an appointment or request a consultation, please take the Depression Test prior to reaching out. Have a question? Just give us a call or text!