Pivotal Study for Cigarette Addiction Treatment with Deep TMS

BrainsWay, manufacturer of Deep TMS, recently completed a large study using their H4 coil to treat cigarette addiction. In the study, Deep TMS, combined with induced smoking cues, more than doubled participants chances of quitting cigarettes. Impressively, this finding was for patients who, on average, had smoked for 26 years and had failed to quit multiple times. The study found that the continuous quit rate for patients who were treated with BrainsWay’s Deep TMS system and reached the 6-week endpoint was 28.4% vs. 11.7% (p=0.0063) for the patient group receiving sham treatment. Additionally, the baseline average number of cigarettes smoked per week by the active group and sham group were 132 and 127, respectively, declining to 31 and 48 (p=0.0125 active vs. sham). The success of this trial demonstrates the benefit of BrainsWay’s Deep TMS in addiction and gives us more confidence that Deep TMS can be used to treat other addictions.

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