Frequently Asked Questions about TMS

1. Why choose Brighter Day TMS clinic? • We have been serving patients in Fort Collins for over four years and performed over 4000 treatments. • Dr. George is dedicated to the clinic and provides personal attention to each patient. • Our TMS technician works one on one giving TMS treatments and Dr George monitors […]

What the Latest Research Shows: The Success of TMS in Treating Depression

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) has gained a lot of attention recently for its success at treating depression, with recent studies backing up its efficacy as a depression treatment. We review recent TMS studies, their findings, and their implications for those struggling with depression. Read on to learn more about the latest successful TMS results and […]

Is Holiday Depression Inevitable?

Though the holidays are celebrated as a time of joy, warmth, and togetherness, your reality may be far from the cheery imagery portrayed in movies and advertisements. Seasonal depression is a common occurrence, but is holiday depression inevitable? Read on to learn more about holiday depression causes and possible treatment options available, brought to you […]

How Depression Saps Your Energy and Disrupts Sleep

Depression is an often-misunderstood mental health disorder. It is frequently associated with “feeling down” or a persistent sadness, but depression is much more than that. While melancholy and sadness are characteristics of depression, the disorder has a profound effect on multiple body systems, affecting emotional well-being, concentration, and energy levels. In this article: How Depression […]

Does TMS Work for Depression?

The battle against depression is a challenging one, with millions of individuals seeking the best solution to alleviating depression for themselves or a loved one. Traditional treatments such as therapy and antidepressant medication have provided relief for some, but many people do not see satisfactory results from therapy or medication. In this article: Understanding Depression […]

How to Help a Partner with Depression

If you have a partner who is struggling with a form of depression, every day can feel like a struggle. We review ways to help your partner who is struggling with depression while maintaining your own mental health. In this article: Depression Warning Signs Ways to Support a Loved One With Depression Depression Treatment Options […]

Best Depression Treatment Options in 2023

Finding the best depression treatment option that works for you can seem overwhelming. Each depression treatment method has its own risks, side effects, and insurance coverage – not to mention personal preference on the treatment method itself. Not only are there multiple treatment options to choose from, but there are also multiple treatment delivery options, […]