How to Get Rid of Depression

Living with depression can be an overwhelming and isolating challenge. Unfortunately, finding the right treatment that works for your unique circumstances can often be just as difficult. If you’re struggling with the question of how to manage depression once and for all, you’re not alone. In this article: Understanding Depression Traditional Approaches to Treating Depression […]

What Does Depression Feel Like?

Kyle (name changed) was struggling to make it to work on time. Some days he skipped entirely, finding it impossible to get out of bed. He blamed his lack of motivation on not liking his job. Since he didn’t like his job, showing up habitually late or missing work entirely seemed normal. Isn’t that what […]

How to Help a Partner with Depression

If you have a partner who is struggling with a form of depression, every day can feel like a struggle. We review ways to help your partner who is struggling with depression while maintaining your own mental health. In this article: Depression Warning Signs Ways to Support a Loved One With Depression Depression Treatment Options […]

Psychiatrists who Accept Insurance near Fort Collins

Looking for a psychiatrist who accepts your insurance? We explain how to use medical insurance for a psychiatry visit and identify a psychiatrist in Fort Collins who accepts insurance for mental health. In this Article: Fort Collins Psychiatrists Taking Insurance Insurance Accepted at Brighter Day TMS How to Use Medical Insurance for Mental Health Patients […]