How Depression Saps Your Energy and Disrupts Sleep

Depression is an often-misunderstood mental health disorder. It is frequently associated with “feeling down” or a persistent sadness, but depression is much more than that. While melancholy and sadness are characteristics of depression, the disorder has a profound effect on multiple body systems, affecting emotional well-being, concentration, and energy levels. In this article: How Depression […]

Is TMS Dangerous?

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) has gained significant support as a groundbreaking solution for managing depression. TMS is a relative newcomer in mental health care, having received FDA clearance for depression treatment in 2008. In this article: Understanding TMS Addressing Concerns TMS Safety vs Other Depression Treatments With any new treatment, concerns regarding its safety can […]

Does TMS Work for Depression?

The battle against depression is a challenging one, with millions of individuals seeking the best solution to alleviating depression for themselves or a loved one. Traditional treatments such as therapy and antidepressant medication have provided relief for some, but many people do not see satisfactory results from therapy or medication. In this article: Understanding Depression […]

Nine Things That Make Your Anxiety Worse

Feelings of anxiety are a normal part of life. Everyday experiences like an important meeting at work, giving a public presentation or engaging in a serious conversation can produce feelings of anxiety. Even mundane events like shopping, running errands, going to school, or getting stuck in traffic can cause anxiety. Anxiety is the most commonly […]