Pivotal Study for Cigarette Addiction Treatment with Deep TMS

BrainsWay, manufacturer of Deep TMS, recently completed a large study using their H4 coil to treat cigarette addiction. In the study, Deep TMS, combined with induced smoking cues, more than doubled participants chances of quitting cigarettes. Impressively, this finding was for patients who, on average, had smoked for 26 years and had failed to quit […]

Article highlights from: “Whither TMS: A One-Trick Pony or the Beginning of a Neuroscientific” Revolution? Article by Mark S. George, MD

In this article Dr. Mark George reviews the history of TMS which was invented in its modern form in 1985.  At that time it created a great stir with some psychiatrists who were eager to use TMS, like Dr. George, and others who were skeptical.  The article walks the reader through some of the basics […]
Shows a woman receiving TMS treatment with a Brainsway Deep TMS machine.

TMS Introduction

Summary of TMS and common questions  What is it?  TMS is Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, in other words it is a magnetic field generated by a current running through a magnetic coil that penetrates the skull and stimulates brain cells. How does it help? In depressive disorders there is a part of the brain that is […]